May 31, 2012

Village Green area may help Mauldin, SC have a Downtown Feel

Mauldin, SC The City of Mauldin unveils new town center plans in hopes of creating a Main Street feel. With the expanding ICAR and Verdae developments being so close Mauldin is expected to grow by 11% over the next 5 years. The City plan is to help create a Village Green that will be a center piece for Mauldin since they do not have a true downtown at this time. The City has 6 acres and hopes to work with surrounding land owners and businesses to turn this plan into a reality. The City landed Chicora Alley which currently has a location on South Main Street in Downtown Greenville and they are moving forwarded on gutting the old Taco Bell building for their second location. I feel this would be a real asset to Mauldin for it's continued growth for the upcoming years to come.

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